Why choose a Nanny Agency to help you find a nanny?

You’re going back to work….Argh! you’ve looked into all your childcare options and you’ve decided a nanny is the most flexible option for you. How do you go about finding a great nanny?.

Alot of people question why they should choose a Nanny Agency to help aid their search, here are the questions you’re probably asking yourself.. with the answers!!

1. Why should I choose a Nanny Agency when I could just advertise on the numerous childcare sites myself ?

Answer : Most of the childcare sites will charge you from £25 per ad ( for a limited time), although they say register for free, which you can, to actually obtain the nannies contact details you will have to become a member. When you are unsure of which of the many sites will be successful, you will probably end up having to join several. These sites are not monitored and they do not guarantee the nanny in any form.

You will then have to trawl through all the applicant’s emails and Cv’s , this is extremely time consuming, as most of the applicants won’t be suitable.

You will then have to put another day aside to contact all the nannies you have short-listed,  this is not an easy task – many nannies do not answer their phones, or call you back.

You will then have to arrange interviews with them, only to find they don’t turn up, or let you down at the last minute, or are nothing like their Cv suggests. As an Agency we find often nannies get professionals to write their Cv’s for them , so what may look impressive, the person on the paper is often not the person who comes to your door. A few more precious evenings wasted!.

You will then have to check all their references, again this can take alot of time, as past employer’s are often hard to get hold of.

You will have to arrange for your nanny to have an Enhanced CRB, this has to be done via an Agency and the nanny will have to register to get this arranged.

You will have to look into First Aid courses, Ofsted Registration, more phone calls and time.

You will have to draw up a contract, which may require negotiations between you and your nanny.

Question 2: Why are Agencies so expensive?

Answer We do all the above for you, which will save you lots of time , therefore money! We are not all as expensive as you may think, Nurturing Nannies fees are very competitive, give us a call.

You don’t have to do a thing, just sit back , relax and wait for us to call you with fantastic nannies that match your requirements, the nannies we send will be first Aid trained and Ofsted registered ( if required ) or if not, we will talk you through how we can get the Ofsted registration put into place, and will book them onto a First Aid Course if needed.

We will draw up the contract for you and deal with all negotiations regarding pay etc between you and your nanny.

We will contact all references and talk you through them and give you all the numbers.

We will give you a 8 week guarantee.

Question 3: If the nanny is Ofsted Registered, surely this means she has been checked out and is safe?

Ofsted do not do any formal checks on a nanny to issue them with Ofsted Registration. Apart from a CRB, they don’t even have to be qualified. A nanny will fill in a form and send the required fee and it’s as easy as that and she will the get Ofsted Registered. The only benefit of a nanny being Ofsted , is to save the parents money on their tax.

Question 4: Where do I find a good Nanny Agency?

Answer Right here!! Nurturing Nannies