Your Nanny First Aid Kit.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you have a first aid kit, stocked with everything you may need , in the unfortunate case your charge has an accident. Keep it in your car or the changing bag or rucksack you will taking out on your day trip.

Here is what you should have in your First Aid Kit;

Waterproof plasters – various sizes

Sterile wipes – To initally clean the wound , when water isn’t available

Sterile gloves

1 x small bandage

10cm by 10 cm Wound dressing pad – To be used when the wound is too big for a plaster, can be covered with a bandage if needed.

Wound closure strips – Designed for deeper wounds, where you think stitches may be needed, keeps the wound together until you get to the hospital.

Savlon First Aid wash – Initial wound application, cleanses area and treats cutsĀ  and grazes

Bite and Sting Antihistamine – treat bee and wasps stings

Insect poison extractor – This is a great device sold in most chemists, it removes the sting , the nifty device will soon distract your little charge from the painful throb of the sting and also does the job brilliantly.

Tweezers: For removing splinters.

Have your First Aid Kit to hand to make days out run smoothly and give you and parents peace of mind!