Top tips when job hunting

Hi Nannies,

It’s never easy finding a new nanny job. There is alot of competition out there. Please find below some useful tips to give you the best chance of landing that perfect role;

  1. The first thing the family will see if your Cv. A family will receive on average 15 Cv’s and they will discount approximately halve of these before proceeding to the next stage with the remainder.
  • Make sure your Cv , has a good layout and reads well. Your qualifications and experience clearly displayed  present to past, with accurate dates clear of when you started and finished each role.
  • You shouldn’t attach references at this stage, just ensure it says references available upon request

2. Ensure all your social platforms, Facebook and Instagram are set to private settings only . Potential employers will quite often check these out.

3. Find out as much as you can about the family and their expectations , so you can go into the interview fully prepared.

4. Be on time for your interview, don’t be too early as this can be as bad as being late.

5. If you get a good positive vibe throughout the interview, let the family know you’re really interested.

6. Go through an Agency. We can help you with all the above. It’s in our best interest to help you get the role, so we will make sure you are properly prepared, help you with your Cv. We will be telling the family how wonderful you are and hope to get you that interview.