Toilet Training Crash Course for Parents and Nannies

YOU ARE IN THE PERFECT POSITION TO POTTY TRAIN YOUR CHILD IN 5 DAYS! Why? Because Nurturing Nannies Potty training crash course gives you the information you need to be successful, and if you run into questions, I can give you one-one phone help.

This 2 hour crash course is for Parents and Nannies, It’s a fool-proof method of how to toilet train your child/charge within 5 days, you will have a happy and confident child who is happy to use the adult toilet. You will get a Free sticker chart and nannies will get a certificate to add to their Cv. Cost of course £20.00

Parents make it easy for yourself – Nannies impress your bosses


Course Content


  • How to work with the child that has ZERO interest or motivation;
  • How to work with stubborn children;
  • How to address your child’s fear of using the toilet;
  • How to get your child to actually go IN the toilet.
  • How to avoid the one mistake that will sabotoge your efforts to potty train in 3 days (if you have already started potty training);
  • How to overcome and prevent constipation;
  • How to travel with your newly potty trained child; days out, swimming etc
  • How to use public toilets with your newly potty trained child;
  • How to correctly address night time accidents;
  • How to correctly address regression or relapses;
  • How to include your daycare provider in your potty training efforts;
  • How to get your child to tell you they have to go before they actually go;
  • How to work with an older child;
  • How to potty train twins and triplets
  • Night-time training
  • The signs of potty training readiness
  • A complete list of everything you’ll need prior to beginning potty training
  • Clear instructions for day 1, day 2, day 3 and beyond
  • Suggestions for making the potty training period a special, bonding time with Mummy and Daddy
  • What to expect, what’s “normal” behavior, and how to keep your cool during the challenging potty training period