The Best ipad/iphone apps for children

Nurturing Nannies is all for traditional games for children and lots of outdoor activities, but we also know there is a time and sometimes a need for your iphone or ipad to be handed to your little one to amuse and entertain. Whether it be a long haul journey, or to distract the your charge/child from that  6 monthly haircut! In moderation is doesn’t do the children any harm and from the fantastic apps out there , it’s not hard to find educational apps that are fun too. It’s a good idea to set a time limit at the start of play for eg 20 minutes , show them the time on the phone or your watch at let them know what the time will read at the end of 20 minutes, get the child to agree to this condition upfront ( in writing would be great!!:) )  and give a 10 minute, 5 minute near the end of time reminder.

Here are the best tried and tested apps