Sleep Consultation with an 8 month old.

Last week I was called in to help a tired mum with her 8 month old baby who was waking atleast twice a night for lengthy periods and also wanting milk throughout the night. Understandably the mum and dad were very tired and needed some help .

I went to visit them and gave the mum lots of tips on how to change his routine to encourage a better sleep association . I gave her a plan of action to follow and supported her with emails every step of the way.

Using my reassurance method within two days there was a huge improvement and 7 days later those wakeful periods in the night were a thing of the past.

Here is my client’s┬átestimonial;

We have seen a 360 turn in ******* routine. He’s sleeping 10-11 hours per night and naps are very well established. There are some very minor struggles but I know that’s because he’s going through a big developmental stage at the moment and he will be sleeping 2 solid hours at lunch soon.
I can’t thank you enough for your advice and time! My husband and I feel 1000% more well rested. We’ve got our evenings back and overall the family is much much happier.