Routine for a newborn?

Surely this is impossible? I hear you say, please read on…

The first 4 weeks, is a time for you and your baby to bond and generally involves lots of feeding on demand and your baby sleeping lots.

From 4 weeks, your baby is able to go longer between feeds, if you are breastfeeding your supply should be nicely established and any early latching problems hopefully resolved. You and baby will be feeling more relaxed. You can now start introducing your baby to a gentle routine that they will love.

The benefits of a newborn routine

1. You will beable to plan your day around babies feeds and sleep, crib naps are important when starting a routine, but you can enjoy the day and plan outings around the other sleep times by letting your baby have their sleep in their pram or sling;

2. Will help you catch up on that sleep you missed in the early weeks;

3. Your baby will be contented ;

4. As parents you will be relaxed and confident;

5. You will have a baby who learns how to self soothe from a very young age, so will never have to do controlled crying.

So how do you do it?

The key here is slowly but surely. slow steps and working with your baby is what is needed. The major part of a routine is the baby having sleep times at the same time each day that works with his/her natural rhythm. If you learn the signs very early that your baby is tired, you will beable to encourage your baby to self soothe from as young as 4 weeks. Whether you are bottle or breast feeding you can follow our routine .

If you would like to hear more about our gentle newborn routine or any other baby advice, then please call Leanne our sleep consultant on 08456522440