Nurturing Nannies are now giving all you parents the best excuse to go out and enjoy yourself!

For a membership fee of:-

3months: £30.00

6 months £55.00

1 year £95.00

You can call us anytime, and we will assign you 2 fantastic babysitters to become extended family members!! We give you two just in case , one can’t make it, however usually it will be same smiley face each time. If for some unlikely reason neither can do it, do not worry, we’ll find you another babysitter.

The only thing we ask is that all contact to the babysitters is done through the agency. We do ask the client not to contact the babysitter themselves.

Our babysitters go through the same interview process as our nannies, and all have a recent CRB. They are fun and will read bedtime stories, are happy to bath your children if you’re needing to go out early, and ensure your children are happy and secure when they flop into bed.

Your children will be asking you when you’re next going out!

All you need to do is pay your babysitter £8-10 an hour and ensure she gets a paid cab home if after 10:30pm, if she is a non-driver ( most of them are drivers though)

Please call 08456522440, and plan that night out now!

Sleep Consultant

Leanne Williams the founder of Nurturing Nannies, is also a very well known Sleep consultant in the North London area. Her methods are very easy to follow and she offers huge support to parents. Teaching them the invaluable methods of helping their baby to sleep on their own, with minimum upset to you as a parent or to the baby.

You will be surprised at how quickly you can help your baby to sleep through the night. IT WORKS!

Please call us for a consultation package that we can tailor make to your needs. Prices start from £25.00 for a 30 minute phone consultation and £80.00 for a one hour face to face consultation.  Some examples of our packages below:


Pre-baby Consultation £150.00 for 1.5hour.

  • Consultant comes to your home
  • Advice on the best equipment to purchase ahead of birth
  • Advice on how to establish a good milk flow to help breastfeeding success
  • Advice on swaddling to promote good sleep
  • Advice on steps towards a lovely gentle routine for newborn.
  • Advice on bathing newborn
  • Questions and answers

Newborn baby Consultation: £200.00

  • 2 hour consultation in the comfort of your home
  • Our breastfeeding consultant will help with any feeding questions and ensure your latch is correct.
  • Expert advice on how to swaddle your baby safely and help teach them the greatest skill of self soothing.
  • Will talk to you about routine ( although not suggested for the first 4 weeks) and how you can implement this from as early as 4 weeks.
  • Answer any new parent concerns, with patience and warmth.
  • 7 days of email follow ups.
Sleep Training consultation: £200.00
  • 2 hour consultation
  • Consultant will devise an easy to follow plan, tailormade for your child.
  • 7 day unlimited email follow ups.
  • Phone call at the end of the week to discuss progress
One hour Consultation: £120.00
  • 1 hour consultation
  • Consultant will devise an easy to follow plan , tailormade for your child
  • 7 day unlimited email follow ups
  • Phone call at the end of the week to discuss progress
Consultation: £80.00
  • I hour
  • Consultant will come to your home
  • Advise on sleep/feeding/behaviour  and how to solve your concerns
  • Plan of action emailed to you.
  • Please note this standard consultation , does not include any follow up emails. Any further advice required will have additional costs.
Packages to suit every need, so please call us now on 08456522440.

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