We at Nurturing Nannies, believe you’ll find our fees highly competitive with no compromise in service.

4 x the weekly net salary of the nanny. 

Live out Nanny (40 hours a week or over)  

We charge 5 x the weekly net salary of the nanny for the following;

Live in Nanny/Mother’s helper

After school/part time nanny less than 40 hours a week

Nanny share ( nanny required by two families) one fee shared by both families.

Maternity nurses: £30.00 per day  / £120.00 a week

Temporary nannies/ night nannies : £30.00 a day . If 5-7 consecutive days are booked the fee is capped at £120.00 for the week.  Temporary bookings are deemed permanent if longer than 12 weeks.


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