OFSTED – The facts all parents and nannies should be aware of

Let’s talk Ofsted

As an agency they are the bane of my life and not just because you can never get hold of them by telephone ..but because they are mis-leading to parents and nannies.

Some parents believe if they choose an Ofsted Registered nanny, that they are getting a nanny that has gone through all thorough checks and has a Clean Enhanced DBS and is under a regulated body and therefore is ok to be trusted with their children.


Ofsted has been registering nannies since 2007. As an Agency I have nannies come and register who have been paying their renewal fees each year and have been Ofsted Registered since 2007 – 2014 and every year when they pay their £103 fee, they are never asked whether they have a clean DBS they are just automatically renewed their registration.  Nannies are under the impression that their DBS is being updated yearly by Ofsted and will be telling agencies and families that they have a clean DBS as Ofsted used to proclaim that they would be notified by DBS if the nanny committed an offence and if the nanny is getting her registration renewed then you can presume it is clean.


Ofsted, however  are not doing this which means that there are nannies out there, who could have convictions that prevent them from working with children and are still getting Ofsted Registered and parents believe that they have a nanny with a clean DBS and checks all been ticked.

Why nannies are against being Ofsted Registered.

From 2007- 2014 if a nanny wanted to become Ofsted Registered, they had to as part of the application get their DBS done via Ofsted, no other umbrella company were accepted.  This caused outrage with nannies, who would join an agency be told they needed a DBS pay the agency the money to get this done, only then to start a role and be required by the family to be Ofsted Registered, resulting in them having to pay out for another DBS.

I would be rich if I got a pound for every nanny who came into register , whose DBS is clearly out of date but they thought as they are Ofsted Registered this meant it is clean.

What improvements are being made?

Well , thank goodness their are some. Some agencies , especially those that are members of ANA (association of nanny agencies ) are aware of the flaws in Ofsted and ensure now that their nannies are educated on this and make sure that every nanny that registers will get a new DBS processed and they will be advised to join the update service.

Ofsted no longer ( Since September 2014) insist that they process the DBS for their application, so agency DBS’s are accepted . Ofsted claim they will only also only accept nannies who have a Clean Enhanced DBS and they are on the update service ( renews automatically every year)

Why choose an Ofsted Registered nanny?

A registered nanny simply means it allows parents to qualify for tax and national insurance relief or childcare vouchers.

What can you do ?

Please all Parents check your nannies DBS and ensure she is on the update service, if she is you can check this for yourself online https://www.gov.uk/dbs-update-service , if she is not on the update service then ensure the DBS is still valid ( they last one year)

Please all nannies go to an agency and get an your DBS updated and then join the update service. Do not think that if you’re Ofsted Registered your DBS is clean.