Nanny tips for successful toilet training

1. Make sure you start toilet training at a nice quiet time in your family life, Don’t even try to potty train if you’re moving house, going on holiday, have guests staying, or when your little one is just about to start nursery.

2. Ensure your child is ready, usually around 2 year +, however more importantly is your child’s ability to communicate, if they can’t say ” I need a wee” then they are not ready!

3. Set a date in a few weeks to start potty training, when you are staying close to home, put it in the diary and stick to it!

4. In those few weeks, go with your child, buy the potty, keep it out around the house ( your child may want to use it in her imaginative play with dolls ), read potty training books, and tell imaginary stories about successful potty training characters at bedtime. Go to the shops with your child to buy pants/knickers, let them choose. Stock up on pull ups as nappies are to all go!

5. Date is here, now Go For it

6. As of day one, get rid of all nappies, from now on it’s just pants in the day, only use pull ups, ( referring to them as special pants) for nap times and nighttime only.

7. First day remind your child every 4o minutes, never force your child to sit on the potty. If they say no, trust them ( even though it may mean an accident)

8. Try to delay leaving the house, until they have done their first wee of the morning, you know then you will then have a window to atleast get to your destination. There is no need to stay in when potty training, but its best to give playgroups and anywhere that is really distracting a miss, keep outings to short car journeys, and to activities where you as a parent can see them all the time and keep reminding.

9. Treat accidents matter of factly, ” oh dear, lets clean it up” new clothes.

10. Treat every wee/poo on the potty as though it’s the first, with big rewards, singing , clapping etc.

Good luck.