Tips for a Nanny going on holiday with their family

You have been asked to accompany the family you work for on holiday. It sounds like it could be alot of fun and it can be . Hopefully you have a super relationship with your family ,  although it is still really important to sit down with the family and discuss all the points below. It is so much more enjoyable if you all know the expectations . Once you are happy with the terms only then agree.

  1. What should the family pay for on top of your salary?  All flights, travel to and from the airport, accommodation ( ideally you should have your own room , but if you are to share with the children this should be mentioned now) all your food in work hours. 
  2. What should your salary be ?  If you normally work a 50 hour week for example , this is usually what you will be doing whilst on holiday too, so no extra salary would be offered. However , it is normal for the family to ask for these hours to be flexible over 7 days not necessarily your working days in the Uk. So for example you work 8-6pm Monday – Friday . They may suggest you work just 7 hours a day instead but every day. There expectations should be presented to you in a spreadsheet . Which should clearly state the day, hours expected to work, free time . Please note that the hours you are travelling there and back from your home to the destination  should be deducted from your weekly hours.
  3. How much for overtime? Of course they may require you to work more than your usual working hours here in the Uk . This is of course up to you whether you accept this and for you to agree on an hourly rate . You should both keep a log of extra hours required so you have it in writing and this overtime should be paid to you at the end of the holiday. 
  4. Should I have a contract? Absolutely you should have it in writing and for you both to sign before any tickets are booked. 
  5. What should be included in the contract? Schedule of days/hours required, total of hours over a week . Accommodation provided. That all meals in working hours included. Hourly rate for additional hours and agreement that this will be logged and paid at the end of the holiday.