Interview tips for parents

For some of our clients , it is the first time they will have interviewed prospective nannies. Interviews can be quite daunting for the parents and the nannies. You as a parent want to make sure you ask all relevant questions and get a good idea of the nannies personality , experience and motivation, so you can decide who you could work alongside and trust enough to leave your children with. Below are some general pointers to help the interview go with ease.

  • A nice ice-breaker is for you to start the interview by introducing your family to the nanny and to talk a little about your child’s/ childrens likes, interests and personalities.
  • Ask the nanny about her background, siblings etc. Its good to know what kind of family your nanny is from.
  • Ask the nanny about her last job and see if she can summarize an average working week, this will give you an idea of what she enjoys doing with children.
  • Can she cook? what does she like to cook? would she prefer to devise a weekly meal plan for your children and for you to buy the ingredients? or is she happy for you to decide what they eat?
  • Would you need her to take your children swimming? if so ask her if she has done this in other jobs.
  • Does she have a nanny network? if so where? would you be happy for her to still see these nannies? if so ask about them and what age their charges are? If you would prefer your nanny to not go on playdates, please do address this in the interview, as for some nannies , socializing with other nannies is an important and enjoyable part of their job, so it would be good for the nanny to know where you stand on this.
  • How would your nanny discipline? A scenario is always good to give ( one that maybe crops up in your household !!). As this is a tricky answer for a nanny as it’s so general.
  • Inform the nanny of the household tasks you would be needing her to do , check that they’re all acceptable with her.
  • Maybe a daily diary is something you would like her to do, ask her how she feels about writing a brief summary of what she has done with the children during the day, including meals , naptimes etc.
  • How do you feel about the nanny using her mobile phone, whilst on duty. If you would prefer her not to use it when she is out and about in parks etc and to keep making/taking phone calls to when she is in the house. It is good to mention this in the interview too ( especially if she is a nanny you have short-listed )
  • What kind of indoor activities, would the nanny do with children the age within your family, ask her to give examples. If she says art and crafts ask her to expand on this.
  • If you have a baby, ask her what baby routine she follows ie: nap-times, bottle making precedure.
  • Does she know your local area, what baby/toddler groups does she know.
  • Is she willing to participate in role play with your children? we all know children love this and it’s important to know your nanny is happy to play these kind of games.