Whatever your situation, we will be happy to discuss with you the type of help you need. We treat every client as an individual and work hard to find you a capable, cooperative and cheerful employee who is able to fit into your family and household.

We save you time, stress and money!

It takes Nurturing Nannies on average approx 2 weeks from the parents first point of contact with the Agency to the nanny signing on the dotted line of the contract. As first thing we do is check our database of nannies for a perfect match for your family, if we don’t have any matches we will use our great source of contacts to find the right nanny for you. Yes we do charge, however we feel we provide an invaluable service to give you total piece of mind.

  • If you try and find childcare without the help of an Agency, it will probably take twice aslong without the help of an initial database
  • Advertising privately you would have to sieve through lots of Cv’s, our research has shown that there is on average 78 nanny applicants for each vacant nanny job in London. The quality and experience of these candidate will vary tremendously, and can leave many a parent feeling bewildered.
  • From our experience as an Agency, alot of nannies look very good on paper, but when they come to your home, they may have very little interpersonal skills, inappropriately dressed ( facial ear-piercings etc) or poor knowledge of spoken English. Which therefore can waste many an evening having to dutifully interview knowing they’re not right for the job.
  • Most nanny advertising sites cost money, and not knowing which one is going to produce results, you may end up paying out for several weeks of adverts.
  • Alot of nannies do not have a CRB, so you would have to find a company / Agency that would process one for her, Alot of Agencies will not do this unless the nanny is registered with them.
  • It’s good to have the reassurance and guarantee of an Agency, just in case things don’t work out.
  • Most of the best nannies will prefer to be registered with an Agency, if they are not, you need to ask why?