Brilliant Nanny Tips For Early Waking Babies

Early Waking Babies


To all you parents out there who had finally cracked it and your beautiful baby is now finally sleeping until 6:30am/7am……..but then.. Why oh why has he all of a sudden started to wake earlier? The dawn chorus is drowned out by your baby crying from as early as 5am. How can this be? What can you do… The following tips are aimed at babies 6 months ( or fully weaned ) to  15 months old, then please see our Brilliant Nanny tips for early waking toddlers.


( do replace if needed with his and daddy!)


The first 3 nights from a 5:30am wake up , adjust if earlier.


5:30am adjust if earlier – If she wakes up crying then go into her room, with minimum chat, soothe her by saying “it’s night time, ssh go to sleep , everyone is sleeping, mummy’s here” and lay her back down and walk out the room.  If she cries, stay outside for 3 minutes, then go back into the room and repeat the above , then lay her down and pat and ssshing her until she calms down. When she calms down ( she doesn’t have to be silent, just calmer) , say “ goodnight” and leave the room, repeat 3 times . If she hasn’t fallen back to sleep after 3 attempts,  then leave the room and 3 minutes later or most importantly when she is calmer not screaming, go in and open the curtains and do a happy morning wake up, saying brightly morning.

Try and delay morning milk until 6:30am. ( adjust from an hour from wake up )


Morning naps are a must at this age and should be really encouraged. Try and keep your baby awake until 9:00am and let them sleep for maximum of an hour. If your baby fights this sleep then take her out for a walk or in the car to help her achieve this.

Lunch time sleep is also important, however this should be pushed until as close to 12:30pm and atleast 1.5 hours encouraged here.

These times above are the ideal nap times to promote a good night time sleep, however they will need adjusting slightly to accommodate your early riser and if every other day, you gently push towards these times.


4th, 5th and 6th night

Refrain from starting the steps above until 5:45am or 15mins later than the wake up above. Morning bottle should be an hour from 5:45am


7th, 8th and 9th night

Start at 6am Morning bottle should be an hour from 6am.


And so forth. Generally it will take 19 nights to get to 7am, small steps work wonders with babies.


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Good Luck!