Sleep Consultant and Breastfeeding Advisor

Leanne Williams the founder of Nurturing Nannies, is also a very well known Sleep consultant and breastfeeding advisor in the North London area. Her methods are very easy to follow and she offers huge support to parents. Teaching them the invaluable methods of helping their baby to self soothe themselves to sleep , with minimum upset to you as a parent or to the baby.

You will be surprised at how quickly you can help your baby to sleep through the night.


Sleep and feeding consultation : Leanne comes to your home and will give you all her tips and methods on how teach self soothing to your baby . She will devise an easy to follow sleep and feeding schedule that works for your baby and be at hand for follow up help . Consultation is 2.5 hours is length and includes follow up emails. £150.00

Newborn consultation: That new and often frightening time when you bring your newborn home and not sure what to do now?!. Leanne will come to your home and share with you all her tips on easing your newborn into a lovely easy to follow routine, best way to wind and how to swaddle . Self soothing with minimum crying can be taught from as young 4 weeks and has great results. You will never look back. Help from an expert at this babies stage of their life will encourage great sleeping skills and quite possibly a baby who is sleeping through 7-7 at 12 weeks!.

This consultation is up to 2 hours in length and costs £120.00.

Leanne is happy to tailor make a consultation whatever your needs, from weaning to toilet training so please call on 08456522440